Realizations from having profanities yelled at me

One of the things that I do in addition to running my business is race mountain bikes. I usually compete in endurance races that are at a minimum 5-6 hours. In order to train for these, I have to put in quite a bit of time training on the bike.

And I really enjoy that - especially because I spend a lot of time at my desk either working on client sites, meeting with my coaching clients, or creating content. 

Do it even if it's not perfect

If you read my newsletter on Friday, you know that I was in LA last week for a mastermind event. I'm still digesting alllllll the takeaways but I am sure I'll be dishing on those in the coming weeks! 

Well, I went straight from the event to a mountain bike race - I literally didn't even go home first. The race was a 6 hour mountain bike race.

And at this race, I got a really great reminder about the concept of "done is better than perfect".

I got locked INSIDE the garden area of my Airbnb!

Hello from 37,000 feet! 

I'm currently flying home from Los Angeles after being here all week for a masterminding event with my business mentor and many of her other private clients. It's been an incredibly transformative week that I am still digesting - I'm sure I'll be sharing more about that experience soon. 

When I travel, I really enjoy staying at Airbnb's because I love to check out unique and fun homes. And sometimes these unique homes come with unique experiences!

Are you scared to share your story?

Last week, I had a discovery call with someone that I went to high school with. This was our first real conversation since we graduated (and I'm 36 - so it's been AWHILE!). 

I knew through our email exchanges in setting up the call that she had been following me for awhile but what I didn't know is that she had been following me almost since the very beginning of setting up my business.  

And what's really awesome is that she said that one of the core reasons that she wanted to meet with me was because she felt like she still knew me through everything I've posted online over the years and through my story. 

That I had been a source of inspiration for her. 

What deleting Facebook off my phone has done for me

A few months ago, I realized that every single time a notification popped up on my phone, I immediately stopped what I was doing and checked it out. 

Being a person who always wants to ensure that everyone around me is good, I found myself immediately feeling the need to respond to whatever the request was. 

And once you start responding to other people, you are taken off your agenda and put into a reactive mode. 

Are you taking advantage of your Facebook cover photo?

You likely know that when someone goes to your business Facebook page, the first thing they see is your cover photo.

And in the tech world, we call this your most valuable real estate.

The reason being is that even if someone doesn't scroll down before clicking away, he or she will at least see that image. And an on-brand image of you is always great, but did you know that you could be capitalizing on this far more than just showcasing your brand? 

They told me not to, but I did it anyway

They told me not to, but I did it anyway

You may not know this about me, but in addition to running my business and training for endurance mountain bike races, I also teach graduate school.

I just wrapped up my 12th term teaching. 

And within 24 hours of the term ending, 4 of my 10 students emailed me saying that they are so appreciative of all the support I gave during our semester together.

2 years ago, I was sleeping on an air mattress...

2 years ago, I was sleeping on an air mattress...

Yesterday, I booked a 12-day trip to Florida that starts this coming Friday. I have to be in the Keys for a wedding on Saturday and I have to be in Orlando on May 7th. Initially, I was going to fly back and forth, but at the last minute realized that I've built a location-independent lifestyle - so why not just stay and enjoy?

I figure it will be great inspiration to spend some time with my toes in the sand - and throw in some early morning walks along the ocean and bike rides on the famous Overseas Highway...oh yeah!

Why not?!

If you had asked me two years ago if I was going to be booking in itinerary-less trip to Florida to just work and play...I would have said that it sounded nice but I didn't see happening. 

I had basically given up hope on having a life like that. 

Is what other people think the thing that's holding you back?

Is what other people think the thing that's holding you back?

The other day, I was getting my hair done at the salon. My stylist and I often talk business because she recently branched off from a big corporate salon and went into business for herself. Since we have this in common, the conversation went there quickly as it usually does. 

She admitted to me that business has been better than she thought it would be after only being out on her own for a few months. 

However, she also said it definitely could be better. 

If it's not messy, it's not progress!

If it's not messy, it's not progress!

For the last week, I've had it on my heart to write about this topic. It seems that things have been super difficult for a lot of people around me. Whether we chalk it up to the full moon that just occurred or the fact that a number of planets are in retrograde or it's just a really huge coincidence - that really isn't the point. 

What I really want to address here is that if you are having a rough string right now, just know that you aren't alone. 

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