Listed below are the areas a new entrepreneur needs in order to be set up for success. Don’t know what some of that is? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you.

Technical Strategy + Project Planning

Before we start any work, we’ll get together for a 60 minute planning session where we’ll discuss your business needs, comfort level with technology and budget. We'll design a strategy for all of the technical aspects of your business. From there, I’ll create a project plan to get it all done.

Facebook Ads

  • Training & best practices on preparing the content for a powerful and effective Facbook ad
  • Walk-through of setting up your first ad OR I can set it up for you and show you how I did it
  • Training on tools that can help you create beautiful images 

Opt-In/Lead Magnet

During our strategy call, we’ll figure out the best lead magnet for you to start with and determine where to put it. I’ll also give you:

  • Best practices for creating compelling lead magnets that will have your audience begging for more
  • Audio, video, PDF and image development assistance 
  • Inclusion of a sign-up area for your lead magnet on your site

Landing Page + Thank you page

We’ll pick the right tool for your business during our strategy call. Then, I’ll:

  • Develop the landing page
  • Connect the landing page to the CRM of choice and sales funnel
  • Develop the thank you page
  • Redirect to the thank you page once the form is submitted
  • Link it to the opt-in

I’ll also give you best practices for writing compelling content for your landing page and what to consider including on your thank you page. 

Payment Tools

  • You'll get training on and/or configuration of your payment tool of choice, including set up for invoicing and payment buttons 



CRM (tool for collecting email addresses + sending emails)

First, we’ll pick the right tool for your business in our strategy call. Then, I’ll:

  • Set up the proper email lists based on the different ways you plan on collecting email addresses 
  • Integrate it with your website and landing page 
  • Configure a template for your emails based on your design requirements 
  • Set up your first email sequence for your sales funnel 
  • Set it up so that once a person makes it through your sales funnel, they will be automatically moved to your master list so that you can send them newsletters and sales emails

You’ll also get:

  • Best practices for writing email sequences with real examples and timing recommendations
  • Access to tutorials that show you how to use the system to send out newsletters and sales emails


First, we’ll discuss the best development tool for this in our strategy call, and then I’ll:

  • Configure the styles + proper inclusion of custom fonts to match your brand
  • Develop up to eight pages 
    • Typically this includes (home, about, work with me overview, 4 specific work with me pages and contact
  • Integrate your site with your CRM tool 
  • Integrate a discovery call questionnaire that your potential clients fill out prior to scheduling a call
  • Redirect people to your scheduling tool once they have completed their discovery call questionnaire
  • Link your site to your purchased domain

Plus, you'll get best practices for writing your web copy

Don’t have your branding secured yet? Don’t worry--I’ve got you covered (for FREE). Check out the bonuses below!

What You Get

60 minute kickoff strategy session where we'll create a list of things that need to be done. I'll identify the content that you need to provide me with so that I can make your tech work in the best way possible. 

A customized project plan based on what we discuss in our strategy call.

3 revisions on each aspect of the project.

Email communication throughout the project.

Launch training videos on everything so that you (or your VA) can replicate everything! 

Need More Guidance?

After reading everything above, you might be feeling a bit lost still...that you need more. You already know what you want but you have no idea how to get there...there's no clear path.

Why not invest in business coaching to help support you with getting this off the ground?

When you combine business coaching on top of the technical systems and structures, you have a true partner in this new, life-changing endeavor of launching your online-based business. Someone to lean on, someone to be your cheerleader on difficult days, and someone to celebrate your wins on amazing days! 

That's why I offer 4 months of business coaching to help the woman who needs help with the tech but also someone in her corner guiding and supporting her every step of the way. 

Some of my clients have found that having weekly guidance really helps keep them accountable and inspires them to step up their game to get this business launched and off the ground. 

What You Get

In addition to everything listed above, you also get:

12 additional 50-minute phone calls (3 calls a month spread out over 4 months)

Weekly action items to keep you on track

Supplementary resources that align with what we cover in our coaching calls

Access to my personal toolbox of powerful mindset-shifting techniques to keep your mind strong as you launch your business and watch it grow

Bonus 60-minute complimentary breakthrough session with Lynne Taggart of My Sweet Success (see the bonuses section below to read more)