Below is a list of different ways I can offer help!

Opt-In/Lead Magnet

  • Best practices for creating compelling lead magnets that will have your audience begging for more
  • Audio, video, PDF and image development assistance 
  • Inclusion of sign up area for your lead magnet on your site

Landing Page + Thank you page

  • Landing page technical assistance
  • Connect the landing page to the CRM of choice and sales funnel
  • Redirect to the thank you page once form is submitted
  • Link it to the opt-in
  • Thank you page technical assistance

Payment Tools

  • Training on or help with configuration of your payment tool of choice, including set up for invoicing and payment buttons 

CRM (tool for collecting email addresses + sending emails)

  • Set up the proper email lists based on the different ways you plan on collecting email addresses 
  • Integrate it with your website and landing page 
  • Configure a template for your emails based on your design requirements 
  • Set up your first email sequence for your sales funnel 
  • Set it up so that once a person makes it through your sales funnel, they will be automatically moved to your master list so that you can send them newsletters and sales emails


  • Need to upgrade your website? Add a custom font? Update a few things or add integrations? 

Membership Site

  • You've set up your membership site in either Squarespace or WordPress but a few things aren't working the way you want them to - I can help!