Does this sound like you?

Have a killer idea for a business but haven’t moved forward with it because you have no idea where to begin with the tech “stuff”?

There are a lot of technical tools that go into launching and running an online business. I have over 10 years of experience working in the tech field and am an expert at helping you get all this stuff sorted.

Have you tried tool after tool, each time realizing it doesn't meet your needs or it's too complicated?

Well, you’re in luck! I consult with you on the best tools to use based on your needs, budget and technical skill level. That way, you are confident knowing that you've selected the right tools to support your business.

Do you wish you could just give the tech stuff to someone else and then they’d magically have it set up for you?

Guess what—I can build out your entire technical platform, get it running smoothly and then train you on how I set it all up. That way, when you and your VA take over the control, you'll feel confident that it’s working as it should and know how to replicate it going forward. And, while I deal with this tech stuff, you can focus on the areas of your business that truly light you up.

Does everyone around you have a different opinion about why you should use one tool over another, and your head is spinning with all of the different avenues you can take?

It’s great that you're getting so much advice, but they aren't looking at the whole picture as it relates to you and your business. Some tools don't work as well with others because there isn't a seamless integration set up. On top of that, everyone has their “favorite” tool based on their own needs. I can guarantee that your needs, technical skills and budget differ from theirs.

Do you wish you had one go-to person for all your systems?

I work with many systems. And I love coming up with solutions for technical problems—so I’m the right woman for the job. Check out my hours for purchase.

Want to have a membership site to house your group program or self-study materials without having to learn a brand new system or pay for heafty membership site costs?

You're in luck! This is possible using Squarespace and WordPress. Even though many people say you can’t do this, trust me, you can. I’ve built membership sites using these platforms.

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