3 years ago, my life looked very different…

As I write this, I am sitting facing the Pacific Ocean in the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. 

I was invited to an event there, and the thought of going to Australia was just super exciting. I mean, the thought of leaving the dreary Chicago weather and heading to the amazing weather down under, exploring some of the countryside by bicycle, sitting by the ocean, and connecting with friends here just sounded super cool. 

(More on my experiences this week coming soon :) )

Even though I have a lot going on right now with running my business, teaching graduate school, and training for my 2018 bike racing season, I knew I couldn't let a chance to visit this part of the world pass me by. 

So I rearranged some things and made it happen. 

One thing to note is that this isn't a trip that I've had planned for a long time or that I had to save up for. 

In fact, it was only put on my radar about 2 months ago. And I said yes to it without even a second thought. 

One of my core reasons for wanting to have my own business is to be able to travel freely and experience all that this life has to offer. I wanted both time and financial freedom to make experiences like this happen. 

Not all that long ago though, my life looked really different. 

Just under 3 years ago, I was in an abusive relationship, though at the time I didn't realize it. He was spending all my money and slowly trying to destroy the parts of me that made me Kim. 

And for a while, he was successful. 

My health was failing. I lived in a constant state of anxiety. And I never slept. I constantly felt unsafe. 

And honestly, it was weird. I had spent most of my life pretty independent, doing my own thing. I was an accomplished athlete and a big passion for life. But during that time, I let the wrong person in and felt like I gave up control of my own life for some time. 

But then one day in February 2015, I had enough. I called a mover while he was at work and got out before he got home. My belongings went into storage and I immediately became without address. 

It was one of the most empowering and most devastating days of my life. I had moved across the country for this guy and truly thought we were soulmates. And at the time, I felt like everything I thought I knew was true was no longer true. 

I spent the next two months staying with friends and trying to figure out what the heck to do with myself. 

And that's when I decided to create my business. 

I had wanted to start a business for years to help others and to create the time and financial freedom I desired, but fear always held me back. 

I'd take 1 step forward and then immediately take a step back. 

I was afraid of failing. 

What was different in the summer of 2015 when I decided to finally go for my dreams was that I was just coming off a pretty massive failure…I felt like I had hit a pretty low point and was doing fine. I figured that if I did fail at my business, I would still end up being fine. 

But I didn't want to go through life without just giving it a go. 

I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did. 

My business is honestly part of what helped me recover from that very difficult time in my life. Because it reminded me that all those things that I thought were destroyed were not. He couldn't take that from me. They were just hiding. 

And by starting my business, they very much came back to life. In fact, it's a whole new evolved version of what it was before! 

My business has also taken me to Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, and now the Gold Coast of Australia. 

And it's connected me to hundreds of incredible people all over the world. In fact, I'll get to see several of them when I am in Oz. Many of these people have become my friends and business confidants. 

Sometimes, like now, I sit here thinking about what if I hadn't gone for my dreams? Would I have had I stayed in that relationship? Was the relationship (or the end to it) the catalyst for me finally saying no to fear and going for it? 

I won't ever know the answers to that. But I will say I am so glad that my life is the way it is now. I mean – I'm sitting in AUSTRLIA right now! 

So, what about you? Do you have a dream of starting a business but you just haven't gone for it? Is fear holding you back? 

Hopefully my experience shows you a little of what's possible. 

I truly just want everyone to push past that fear. Because on the other side of it, a whole magical life is waiting for you there.

I promise; because I'm living it. 

xx, Kim

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