Minimize distractions to CRUSH your goals today!

I used to tell everyone with pride that I was a "master multitasker". 

This was during a time that I was working full time, running a not-for-profit, training for endurance races, teaching graduate school, and maintaining a pretty active social life. 

I could be talking on the phone with one person and texting someone else at the same time. Be messaging people on Skype, scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and responding to emails, while simultaneously in a web meeting or designing content for the training program I was working on in my 9-5. I had 34 browser tabs open (at a minimum) at any given time was actively working on something in all of them. 

Boom. Watch out world, Kim was in town.     

And I felt like I was kicking butt in all areas. 

However, I eventually realized was that I was creating an environment where I was constantly distracted - and I wasn't fully invested in anything that I was doing.  And every task actually took wayyyyy longer to accomplish. 

Those goals I thought I was crushing - that was just an illusion. 

And, quite honestly, it began to wear on me. I went from "master multitasker" to feeling completely burned out. 

I couldn't figure out how I went from being so passionate and so excited about everything to having almost no interest in any of them. 

And then I read an article that provided some insight - when we multitask, we actually deplete our energy stores a LOT faster. This is because we are actually never doing two activities at the same time, but actually quickly switching back and forth between them. 

Put this on repeat every single day - and it's no wonder I felt burned out!

So I got to work on finding solutions - and learned of a few simple techniques to implement in my daily routine to eliminate distractions and get more done. 

Once I implemented these, the burnout disappeared quickly and I actually began to accomplish far more than I ever did when I was the multitasking queen. In fact, I felt like I had created extra time in my day. And I was fully invested in each and everything I was working on. 

Pretty awesome, right!? 

And today I want to share a few of these techniques with you so that you too can crush your goals this week and start picking up the momentum toward your dreams:

  • Get your high priority items (or ones that take the most mental energy) done earlier in the day. Our motivation is like a bottle of water - it goes down as the day progresses. So putting off things that need to get done or take a lot of energy until later might mean those things take way longer to do or, worse yet, don't get done at all. 
  • Take breaks. Trust me when I say that I used to think that breaks were going to make things take wayyy longer, but I'll tell you from experience, that they actually made me more productive. Get up, go for a 5-10 minute walk. Stare out the window. Do some yoga, stretch or breathing exercises. Whatever you do, make sure you let your mind wander a bit so you can give it a little bit of a break. Bonus tip: set an alarm to remind yourself to take that break. It's harder to blow it off that way. 
  • Stay off social media and avoid checking email for the first hour of every day. Experts say that when you start your day on social media and email, you are setting up your entire day to be on other people's agendas. Instead, spend the first hour of the day focused on YOU and your agenda. A few ideas to get you started: plan your day and focus on your goals, get a workout in, and read a book. For more ideas, I recommend "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. He's dedicated an entire book on this subject - it's a good read!
  • Disable email and social media notifications on your phone. Doing this will set it so you go on these platforms on your terms rather than getting pulled into them every time that notification goes off. Bonus tip: only check these 3x per day. 
  • Before going on social media, identify your goals for going on. It's SOO easy to get sucked in to those cute animal videos or pictures of your friend's kids. While those are always a nice break, it can literally cost you hours if you allow it. To help with this - set goals on what you plan to do when you go on so you accomplish those goals and then log off. Bonus tip: set a timer before you go on so that you are notified when it's time to move on to other tasks. 

The above tips are simple strategies that you can implement today. And I promise you'll see a big reward by doing so. 

So right now, print these off and put one into practice. And I'd love to hear back from you about the on you picked and how it went for you! Reply back and let me know! 

Have an amazing week! Let's crush some goals!

xx, Kim

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