What happens on the inside is what matters most of all

I'm not sure if you are a subscriber to the Notes from the Universe - but yesterday's was really good! Here it is...

Change your thoughts, and you will change your world! 

It took me a REALLY long time to understand that. 

I used to think if I focused on the negative things, nurture them, then eventually those things would turn better. 


Focus on your goals. Focus on the good. Focus on finding positive solutions to things rather than focusing on the negative. 

Because, whatever you focus on expands. 

If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts...spend a little time "flipping the switch". Get a piece of paper out and write what you want to be thinking rather than what you are thinking. 

Write it over and over. Hang those things up around your house on a sticky note so you see those everywhere. 

That way you are constantly seeing the positive affirmations that will really push you begin to take action towards making even more positive change in your world. 

Mindset work is a daily practice but doesn't have to take long. TRUST ME when I say I used to think I needed to carve out a lot of time to employe mindset practices. However, really, truly, it can really be just a few minutes in the morning (or during moments where you are really struggling). 

Our minds can be something that can hold us back - but YOU totally have the POWER to consciously direct your thoughts in a positive way. 

I may be a tech ninja, but I am not JUST a tech ninja. I also am a HUGE BELIEVER in the power of mindset work because it literally changed my life and showed me how to unlock some serious positive energy! 

And it gave me the motivation to take consistent action every day toward the life of my dreams. 

We all deserve to live a life that we love - and getting out of our own way is typically the very first step. 

xx, Kim

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