What stories from your past are getting in the way of your future?

The other day, I was having dinner with my friend Jim and our conversation contained the usual content - business, tech stuff, and biking. And eventually, it led to his current dating situation. 

He explained to me that he had spent the last few months going on some first and second dates but he kept cutting things off after that and not pursuing it further.  

I asked him whether he just wasn't finding someone he connects with - his answer was no. He actually said that he'd met some incredible women that he really liked. 

His actual reason?


So, what I asked him next actually stopped in him his tracks - "Are you letting the stories of your past get in the way of you finding happiness?"

His jaw actually dropped - he was speechless. And, after staring at me for what seemed like an eternity - he said, "Yeah I guess I am."

You see, Jim dated someone for a few months last year after being single for a long time. And he was really into this girl. Unfortunately, after a few months, she disappeared one day and never called him again.

And that's a really tough thing. If you know my story, you know that I know a thing or two about a broken heart. But what I explained to Jim that day was that if I had let the stories of my past drive my future decisions then I wouldn't be dating my current guy of two years - and I may never have dated again. 

I would have quit that forever.  

But I didn't - and I'm so glad that I didn't listen to those stories of the past get in the way because I found someone really great. 

And the "negative" love stories of my past are now being replaced with positive ones. 

The thing is,  - the stories of our past don't just affect our love lives - they can affect anything in any part of our lives if we let them. We let these stories become our limiting beliefs and they prevent us from moving forward. 

I see this a lot in the work I do with my clients. Most of my clients come to me completely overwhelmed and terrified about implementing all the technology that they need in order to make their businesses run. 

The reason for this is because they've had previous failed attempts at setting up their businesses and lost hours in trying to figure out something. And because they've felt that they've hit that wall in the past that they will always hit that wall. That they will never figure it out.

Sometimes these clients come to me at the point that they are literally on their last nerve - they're about to quit and give up their dreams of having this incredible business. 

And they easily could just walk away - give up - and just chalk it up to the fact that they're no good at technology. Put their dreams on a shelf, only to look at every now and then. 

But they don't - they give it another go. 

Because the only way to advance to the future is to stop looking back at the rearview and start looking out the windshield. 

And after working with me, they feel empowered. they replace those stories of the past, and it gives them the confidence that they need. They not only move their businesses forward but at an accelerated rate with this newfound confidence. 

That's exactly the kind of thing that can happen no matter where you are letting the stories of your past currently drive your decision making. 

Today, I have a little assignment for you to help you with this...

  • First, I want you to sit down and write out everything that you are currently making decisions on. 
  • Second, for any decision that is being made based on the previous experiences you've had - circle the ones that you are making out of fear.
  • Third, for those circled items - ask yourself what would happen if you did what you wanted to do rather than what your past is making you think you should do.

Really feel into each of those responses. Does it feel good? Do you like what you see?

If you do - then go do them. 

Be fearless in pursuit of these things. 

Make it so that failure is not an option. 

Do everything from a place of what you want to do rather than what your past is creating a false expectation of what you should do.

Do this exercise every time you have to make a decision. And you'll never get it wrong. 

We only get this one incredible life. Let's each be empowered. Let's each live the live of our dreams. 

If starting a business or taking it to the next level is one of things you really want to do but haven't...and you know it feels right... 

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We'll jumpstart that for you. 

The cart closes tonight so there's not much time. And the price on the live version of this will never be this low again. 

Until next time,

xx, Kim

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