What I learned from allowing myself to take a break!

I know that I've been a bit MIA...it's been a few weeks since I popped into your inbox. 

As I shared with you a couple weeks ago, I had booked a 12-day trip to Florida. I had the intention of working while I was there, and I did some work, but I did allow myself to step back a bit. 

I have to say, it was really nice to be able to relax a bit and make that time for myself and really enjoy the surroundings of the Florida Keys, greater Miami area and Orlando.

So I really embraced the fact that I had some space, and tried to experience as much of it as I could, including:

  • Heading to Key West for a day and dine on the famous Sunset Pier right at sunset
  • Riding my bike nearly 150 miles over four days on the scenic Overseas Highway (omg the color of that water!!!!)
  • Meeting up with other successful online coaches who just happened to be in the area at the same time
  • Sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun
  • Working in the back of my SUV at a park while overlooking the ocean 
  • Going to Harry Potter at Universal Studios for a private event (300 of us had the park to ourselves!!) - talk about having the chance to feel like a kid again!

This was the first trip in years where I allowed myself to relax a bit. With the exception of a few short weekend getaways, I really have not taken any time off of working in a long time. Even back when I was unemployed after a job loss, I found ways to work! ha.  

Being so busy with this business and my bike racing training, I find that I often don't create the space to go do things like that. I'm so often "on the go" from 6am until I land in bed sometime around 11pm...working and riding my bike (usually between 2-6 hours at a time).

And I do get a ton of inspiration on my bike...in fact, it's where I get most of my business ideas. 

But this was different....

I allowed myself to breathe.

I allowed myself to relax. 

I connected with others. 

I totally tuned out the noise. 

And I totally just let myself feel. 

And what I realized on this trip was that creating that space is SO SO necessary. 

I've been experiencing a ton of shifts as a result of my two weeks in Florida...well, a whole lot of changes are starting to occur as a result! It's like I came back from Florida with a completely different resolve on EVERYTHING!

In just 24 hours alone, I...

  • invested in my business even more massively than I had before!!
  • decided to cut down on one of my biggest mountain bike races this year (I race at a pretty competitive level here in the midwest) so I can invest even more energy into this business. If you know how intense I am with bike racing, you know how big of a deal this is!
  • just signed the lease on a wayyyy upgraded house from what I've been living in the last two years - two weeks ago, moving wasn't even on my radar!

I also made some massive decisions about how I am going to be running my business going forward.  I eliminated things I no longer want to be doing and added things that align with how I want to serve and connect with my clients and with you!!

And it all FEELS SO GOOD!

And you know what it came down to? Allowing myself to really feel into things and get a read on how I feel about them. 

Anything that felt "heavy"...I decided to stop.  Anything that was a "hell yes" or felt "light"...I said to you. 

Pretty simple. 

The thing is though, when you're constantly on the go, you don't allow your intuition to show you the way. You're more in "survival" mode...just trying to get through the day and knock the items off your to-do list. 

Well, as a busy entrepreneurs, know that your to-do list is really never going to be done. 

And creating space is NECESSARY as part of this online business journey. While you might immediately think "I don't have time for that!" ...you actually can't afford not to. 

It'll actually save you time and energy later on because you'll only be doing the things you want to do rather than what you think you should be doing even though you don't really enjoy it. 

This just goes to show that when you stop "busy" (let me tell you how well I know THAT word) to create space to really feel into things going on in your life, you get some MASSIVE downloads.

If you're finding that you're always running and not necessarily creating time or space for yourself, I urge you to create that. It doesn't have to be almost two weeks like it was for me...but even just take a day. I suspect that you'll experience some pretty big shifts! 

And I bet you'll have more clarity about your dreams than you do right now. :) 

Life's too short to not live the life of your dreams.

Go for it! 

xx, Kim

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