2 years ago, I was sleeping on an air mattress...

Yesterday, I booked a 12-day trip to Florida that starts this coming Friday. I have to be in the Keys for a wedding on Saturday and I have to be in Orlando on May 7th. Initially, I was going to fly back and forth, but at the last minute realized that I've built a location-independent lifestyle - so why not just stay and enjoy?

I figure it will be great inspiration to spend some time with my toes in the sand - and throw in some early morning walks along the ocean and bike rides on the famous Overseas Highway...oh yeah!

Why not?!

If you had asked me two years ago if I was going to be booking in itinerary-less trip to Florida to just work and play...I would have said that it sounded nice but I didn't see happening. 

I had basically given up hope on having a life like that. 

Because, this time two years ago, I was sleeping on an air mattress, using a card table as a desk, and eating off paper plates. 

I had recently moved into a month-to-month rental that a friend had found for me after being homeless for 2 months. 

Let's rewind to early 2015...

On paper, I looked like I had it all... a nice home, a great job, a master's degree, an adjunct teaching position at a prestigious university, ran a wildly successful not-for-profit, and was winning most mountain bike races I entered...

But inside, I was suffering deeply at the hands of a covertly abusive relationship.  

The last 10 months of the relationship were the worst...to the point that it began to take away everything I cared about...to the point that I felt like there was nothing left but a shell of who I once was. 

I could remember who I was prior to entering that relationship, but she felt like a stranger. And I felt like I couldn't get out. 

But then one Thursday night in late February, my safety was put into jeopardy and it woke me up to the fact that I had a choice in the matter. 

I had to get out. 

Early the next morning, I called a mover and asked if they could come out that day. They came straight away. While he was away at work, I packed up everything I owned and moved out before he got home. The movers took my stuff to a storage unit that my parents had found 90 minutes away. 

I had no idea where I was going to go, what I was going to do, or what the future looked like. 

I just knew I needed to get out. 

So I did. 

As I drove away from that house after a very exhausting and emotional day with just a few boxes of clothes in the back of my car, my computer, and my cat, I began to cry my eyes out. 

While that day was the most empowered I had felt in a long time, it was also the most devastated I had felt likely in my entire life. Everything that I thought I knew was no longer true. 

I literally had hit my bottom.  

I spent the next couple months trying to make sense of it all - how I had gotten myself into that situation in the first place, why I had stayed, and what my new future was going to look like. 

And once I moved into that monthly rental, the next few months were really focused on healing and just getting by, day-to-day. 

And it makes sense, I had just come out of a traumatic experience and all my energy had to go into these basic survival experiences. 

However, one day I woke up - I had had ENOUGH. 

No longer was I going to be a victim of circumstance; of my past. 

It was time to thrive and shine. 

Something that I had wanted to do so desperately for so long was to have my own business of my own. 

And what hit me that day was - if I had made it through the rock-bottom experience that I had just gone through, then I could handle the challenges that come with starting a business. 

So I immediately began taking action. I began to paint my future on my blank canvas.

I signed up for a business development program and started to put the wheels in motion to make my dreams come true. 

And you know what? 

I never looked back. 

I became an evolved version of my former self- the one that I used to long for during those dark days of abuse. 

I began to shine. 

And the business of my dreams not only became a reality - but it became something beyond my wildest dreams...and...





What I want you to take away from this email is that no matter where you are, no matter what your situation is - you have the ability to make a change today. To totally go for it and make your dreams come true. 

Because of what I went through, I am SUPER PASSIONATE about wanting everyone around me to go for their dreams. We have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring, so we have to make something great of today!

And I can tell you from experience that in just taking action in the here and now will get you further and further away from the stories and experiences of yesterday. 

Because whatever we focus on expands. So if you want more good in your life, you've got to focus on the good. No matter how bad your past is. 

And I can guarantee that if you do that, you'll look back weeks and months from now and realize how far you've come. And better yet, you'll realize how much further you can go. :D

Wouldn't you rather be living the life you desire than focusing on what didn't work in the past?

I know I would. 

And that is why I am. 

And it can be the same way for you too, .

If you're not sure how to get started, then hire someone to help get you there. Why sit in a spin cycle that makes you feel like you're not getting anywhere. 

That's what I did - and in fact, I'll probably always have a mentor to push and challenge me into becoming an evolved version of my best self...always striving to be better. 

That person I was before that relationship - the one I couldn't get back to? I got back to her and then I passed her by. 
Life's too short to not live the life of your dreams.

Go for it!

xx, Kim

P.S. Ready to finally take action and finally GO FOR IT? Join me!

I'm looking to mentor 3 women in a 1-1 mentorship for 6 weeks. 

Who you are:
Someone who is done letting the stories of the pat from holding them back. Someone who is ready to finally go ALL IN and make this happen! And make them happen NOW! 

No more excuses. 

No more holding yourself back. 

Just totally finally saying that enough's enough and you're ready to shine! 

What we can cover in your 6 weeks:
Figure out who you are meant to serve an how you're meant to serve them, build your tribe, set up the systems and structures that make this whole business thing work, set yourself up for long-term success (this is a long game, yo!) and just be unapologetically you!

What you get:

  • 6x30 minute 1:1 phone calls to use whenever you need them

  • unlimited email and WhatsApp access in between (why wait until we have a call?!) 

  • video reviews on all your stuff 

  • access to my robust tutorials & best practices library to give you everything you need to make this come to life 

  • and the biggest champion you can find who is in your corner, cheering you on along the way. 

  • promotion of you, your business, and your offer on all my social accounts + email list

  • an implementation week halfway through so you can catch up and ensure you're making the most of our time together

And if you sign up by April 28th, I'll give you a bonus week of access to me + a bonus call (so we're talking 7 calls, not 6)

Price is $1500 and can be broken into multiple payments if need be. 

Message me for more details & your questions. 

Let's do this! 

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