If it's not messy, it's not progress!

For the last week, I've had it on my heart to write about this topic. It seems that things have been super difficult for a lot of people around me. Whether we chalk it up to the full moon that just occurred or the fact that a number of planets are in retrograde or it's just a really huge coincidence - that really isn't the point. 

What I really want to address here is that if you are having a rough string right now, just know that you aren't alone. 

A lot of times when we are dealing with challenges in our lives, we feel super isolated. Like we're on an island of turmoil that we can't get off and nobody else is on it with us. 

These thoughts are only validated by what we see when we scroll through our newsfeeds - people sharing snapshots of their lives, which usually includes something positive and exuding success.

And we ask ourselves... 
"why can't I feel that way right now?"  or
"why does it seem that whenever it rains, it pours?" or
"why is it that as soon as things are going really well, something seems to come up to stop that momentum?"

The problem with thinking like that is that it takes us down into this wash, rinse, repeat cycle of thinking negative thoughts about the difficult time we are going through. 

And trust me, while you'll only see me showing up now with positive thoughts and sharing successes about my life and business, you're entering my story in the middle. 

It was not always like that! 

Take a look at my past and you'll know for sure that I'm no stranger to experiencing this or thinking these thoughts. 

I've gone through my fair share of difficult times. I mean just at a high level...within a period of 3 years I got divorced..which was just the start...I moved 8 times, lost my corporate job, dealt with a back injury, and experienced an abusive relationship that ultimately left me homeless and cost me thousands of dollars. 

And for a really long time, I kept joking that someone had a Kim Voodoo doll that they were having a ton of fun with. Because I felt like every time I turned a new corner, I faced a new challenge. 

I'd wonder what the heck I was doing wrong to end up on this island of turmoil. Like hey, I'm a good person, but for some reason all these things were happening to me. 

I thought if I focused on the negative things that were going on around me and in my past...that if I nurtured those things...that they would somehow fix themselves and everything would suddenly be great!

Unfortunately, that's not how it works. In fact, it only made those things bigger. Kind of like when you pick at something...the more you pick the worse it makes it. 

Because, whatever you focus on expands. 

However, I didn't realize that until I worked with one of my coaches.  Through working with him, I realized that my past might have gotten me to where I am but it wasn't going to get me to where I'm going. 

I learned that things had not happened to me, they were happening for me...so that I could become an evolved version of myself...

That if things are not messy, then there's no progress. 

That you either win or you learn. 

That the stronger you fall, the stronger you get up. 

And I'll tell you what, those simple shifts in the way I perceived things completely changed my world. 

I began living in the present moment and taking action. I set my goals and went for them. 

Then, everything began happening...

...this business baby that I had so desperately wanted took shape and then took off! 
...my health improved to the point that I now race bikes at an elite level
...I wake up excited and energized for the day ahead because I get to work in my zone of genius (all things tech, baby!) and connect with some of the more inspiring and awesome clients a girl could ask for

And I share this because I know that there are SO many people who feel like they're struggling but they just feel it DEEP inside that there has to be another way. That things CAN get better. 

And I feel like there are a ton of different approaches to making some shifts. 

Here are two of the biggest ones that I can recommend to you...

First thing I recommend doing every single day is writing out your goals. 

I have a notepad next to my bed, and the moment I wake up, I write my goals down...so that I can write my future reality. 

Be sure to write these in present tense - so that way you are setting the mindset that you're already achieving success. So instead of saying "I will make six figures this year" write "I have a multiple six figure business." 

See how different those two statements feel?

This daily goal practice sets the tone for all the actions you're going to take in a day. It's true we get the same 24 hours that Beyoncé (ever seen that quote before?) and a big factor in her success is that she only focuses and takes action on that are going to move her forward. 

Everything else is just noise. 

She's no more special than you or I, and we have the same ability to get to where she's at. It's all about setting intentions, taking action, and being consistent. And when challenges come up, you'll be able to take aligned action rather than get caught in some sort of wash, rinse, repeat cycle. 

Second thing I recommend doing is journaling when you start to get caught up in a cycle of thoughts

I'll be the first to tell you that I resisted doing this for a REALLY long time. I didn't think writing my thoughts down...putting that pen to paper...would do anything for me. But I'll tell you that I was wrong in thinking this! 

Something magical happens when you use a notebook to just dump whatever your thoughts you're having. It lets you process it and deal with it. And it's like it lets you process whatever is going on in you mind so that you can then move on to the next thing. 

Otherwise, I find that my mind will just keep cycling through the thoughts over and over and over again. 

It doesn't have to take a huge effort. It can literally be two sentences or half a page. Just getting that on paper somehow tells your mind that you're dealing with it. That final period you put at the end of the last sentence checks it off in your mind. 

And then you're free to go take action. 

It's not about the fact that waves are going to hit - it's about how you ride the waves when they hit. And this simple practice is SUPER powerful in letting you deal with these. 

These two things are simple practices that I PROMISE make a huge difference and can cause major shifts! 

Life's short; dare to live your dreams!

xx, Kim

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