Is what other people think the thing that's holding you back?

The other day, I was getting my hair done at the salon. My stylist and I often talk business because she recently branched off from a big corporate salon and went into business for herself. Since we have this in common, the conversation went there quickly as it usually does. 

She admitted to me that business has been better than she thought it would be after only being out on her own for a few months. 

However, she also said it definitely could be better. 

Over a month ago, I set up her social media accounts for her. I had been paying attention to the fact that she hadn't been using them at all. 

So I asked her why :)

"I'm afraid to put myself out there because I'm scared that people will judge me."

She said that she's afraid people will see samples of her work online and criticize it - that it won't be good enough for everyone. 

And this is coming from an EXTREMELY talented stylist. 

So seriously, from my perspective, she has absolutely nothing to worry about. 

But the thing is, what she's feeling is actually super common for entrepreneurs early in their journey. 

I spent a long time feeling this way in my business and many of my clients express that as a major concern too. 

We're scared that we'll be...





And when all you want to do is help people (the whole reason we went into business), it can really hurt if that happens!!

So we hide. 

We feel our heart pound every time we even want to put something out there. 

Sometimes we just don't post it. We can't get up the nerve. 

Other times we do post it. 

And every time someone comments, we start to wonder...

What if someone puts it down? 

Or maybe nobody will comment or like it all. 

Do we delete it? 

Do we just let it stay up there? 

Is it not good enough?

How the heck do all these other entrepreneurs put themselves out there? 

Why is this so hard?

Holy cow! What pressure we put on ourselves!!

Can you relate?

The thing is, it's not doing anyone any good if you keep your gifts to yourself. 

Even if it helps just one person - that is enough! 

I finally learned that it's really not up to us to judge our own work. Because if it's on your heart, then it's going to be in service to someone

I've put stuff out there that, after reading it, I didn't think it was that good. But I still put it out there because it was on my heart to share.  

And some of those pieces of content are the ones that I've received replies from my tribe, thanking me and saying that it was exactly what they needed

And every time this happens, it validates the fact that we have no idea what someone else needs right now. But I guarantee that someone needs it. 

Did you also know that in not sharing with the world, we are also letting this fear of what other people think hold us back? 

Because if we hide, people don't know we exist. They don't know what we have to offer or how we can help. 

The thing are always going to have people who either don't care what you have to say or don't like it. 

And you're also going to have people who cannot wait to see the next thing you share. 

Those people are who you should focus on. They are the ones that need you.  And they are the people that make this whole journey worth it. 

Because, if you try to make those other people matter what you do, they are never going to be satisfied. 

You could spend all day trying to make them happy...but the thing is...they aren't your tribe. They aren't your people.

And they will drain your energy. 

So why would you want to focus on them anyway? 

The ones who need you will ENERGIZE you and will validate that you're on the right track.

So I encourage you to take a stand and show up. Share your gifts. Because, in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk

"The only thing holding you back is you're worried what other people have to say."

Life's too short to not live your dreams. Don't give them the power of holding you back from them!

xx, Kim

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