They told me not to, but I did it anyway

You may not know this about me, but in addition to running my business and training for endurance mountain bike races, I also teach graduate school.

I just wrapped up my 12th term teaching. 

And within 24 hours of the term ending, 4 of my 10 students emailed me saying that they are so appreciative of all the support I gave during our semester together.

One said that the support I gave her is the reason she won a promotion at work and another told me that she "won" grad school because she had me for half of her classes over her 2 years in the program.

Teaching graduate school takes a lot of time and doesn't pay super well, and I often think about whether I want to continue it. 

And I will admit I'm pretty excited to not currently have any classes on my roster for the summer after teaching NONSTOP since last August. 

However, messages like this remind me why I was RELENTLESS in my pursuit to be signed on as an adjunct faculty not long after I graduated from the very program I teach in now.

In fact, I was so relentless that I not only reminded them often of my interest in teaching via email every few weeks, I also volunteered to do a TON of free work to prove that I was going to be a great asset. 

I drove hours to be a panelist (for free...with the exception of the cookies) at a post-graduate career night to share my experience working in the field right after graduation. 

I hosted guest expert online sessions for weeks at a time each semester....and I was in the forums for hours every day that week to ensure that the student questions were all answered. 

...just as a couple of examples :)

And after only 1.5 years, I was asked if I wanted to teach my own class. 

In a program where they require at least 3 years before considering hiring graduates...

In a program that RARELY hires new adjuncts because it's such an amazing program to teach in. People never leave!

They told me it could be years before I would get a position. So they said to check back in a few years if I was still interested.  

So really, I had a lot of reason to not put the effort in. 

But I did it anyway. 


Because I knew in my heart, that teaching graduate school was part of my path and purpose. 

I envisioned myself in that role. I saw myself teaching my future students and supporting them on their path. 

I didn't know how I'd make it happen. 

And honestly, the how was not important. I just started taking action like I already had the position. 

And not long after...the position became mine. 

This is a good reminder that if you want something, it's within reach... even when others tell you that's it not. 

It may take time and it might require you to go above and beyond and even do a little free work. 

But just know...if you want it, it's yours. And things might happen far faster than expectation is currently indicating. 

Is there something in your life that you want? 

Perhaps the business and life of your dreams. Perhaps more time with friends and family. Or the ability to travel more. 

Are you being absolutely fearless in the pursuit of it? 

Are you just wanting it...or are you all in...committed?

If you're not...I recommend you stop right now, grab a pen and paper and ask yourself...

"How would I be showing up if everything I desire was already mine? What would I be doing?"

Then, go do that NOW. 

Make your dreams your reality. 

Life's too short to not live the life of your dreams.

Go for it! 

xx, Kim

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