Are you taking advantage of your Facebook cover photo?

You likely know that when someone goes to your business Facebook page, the first thing they see is your cover photo.

And in the tech world, we call this your most valuable real estate.

The reason being is that even if someone doesn't scroll down before clicking away, he or she will at least see that image. And an on-brand image of you is always great, but did you know that you could be capitalizing on this far more than just showcasing your brand? 

If you have some sort of call-to-action there, there's a chance that they would click to learn more and you might get some additional value from this! 

By call to action, I mean things like:

  • Asking them to join your free community
  • Asking them to sign up for your current freebie (and get them on your mailing list of course!)
  • Showcasing your current paid offer

On top of this - be sure to set your action button to connect to whatever it is that you're sharing with your cover photo. That way it's super easy for them to take the action you're asking them to take!

Below are a few examples of this - but the possibilities are endless!

Even if you only get a few people a week taking action on your cover photo, a few is better than none. And they took action on their own accord through some Facebook exploration! 

Remember - life's short; dare to live your dreams! We can't afford to wait another day to go after them!

xx, Kim

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