What deleting Facebook off my phone has done for me

A few months ago, I realized that every single time a notification popped up on my phone, I immediately stopped what I was doing and checked it out. 

Being a person who always wants to ensure that everyone around me is good, I found myself immediately feeling the need to respond to whatever the request was. 

And once you start responding to other people, you are taken off your agenda and put into a reactive mode. 

Now, there's definitely a time and a place for that, but with only 24 hours in a day and so much to balance as a busy entrepreneur, I want to ensure that I'm doing it when it's most in service to me. Because once you get distracted from whatever you're doing, they say it can take up to 22 minutes to fully engage back in that! 

So now I select when I check messages And I do that when I am ready rather than the moment the notification pops up. 

And for awhile that seemed like it was doing the trick!

But recently, I noticed that it had formed a habit of checking Facebook every single time I did anything else on my phone.

✔️ Turn my alarm off in the morning, check Facebook. 
✔️ Answer a text message, check Facebook. 
✔️ Get off a phone call, check Facebook.
✔️ Set my alarm at night, check Facebook.

Really, anything. It had become a habit.

And Facebook has a way to pull you in...

I was noticing that even spent 5 minutes at a time on Facebook each time I did that habitually, it adds up pretty fast. Who knows how much time I was losing per day without even really realizing it. 1 hour? 2 hours?

That's a LOT when there are only 24 hours in a day! 

And I needed to stop that....needed to put some boundaries up for myself.

While I love Facebook and have connected with so many AMAZING people on there, I needed to create a boundary because of how easily I was getting sucked in without even realizing it.

And on top of that, I could tell that some of the negative rants and posts were also starting to impact my energy. 

So a week ago, I deleted Facebook off my phone. I had to break the habit.

Within the first 24 hours, it became blatantly obvious how much of a habit I had formed with checking it, 

I caught myself scrolling through my apps every time I did anything on my phone without initially realizing it. 

The first couple times, I felt a subconscious panic, like "where the heck is it?!"

I'll admit, it was harder in that first day than I expected it to be. But it DID get easier!

In the days that have followed, I've noticed a few really positive results...

  • I have gotten more time back in my day - and therefore, gotten more done!
  • I'm nowhere near as distracted in general - I realized that all the "noise" had been clouding my own thoughts
  • I've noticed that I haven't had to work as hard on my mindset as I had been as of late - that I was really right in realizing how the negativity I had been seeing on Facebook were indeed impacting my thoughts. 
  • I've felt less of a need to have my phone near me at all times

I'm pretty impressed with the positive results I've gained from this social media cleanse. 

Don't get me wrong, I'll still be on there quite a bit, but I'm now doing it on my terms.

-->> If you're finding that you're in need of sometime similar, I encourage you to give it a shot. Give yourself a week. Document the changes you experience so that when it comes time to decide whether to add it back on you phone or not.

Remember - life's short; dare to live your dreams! We can't afford to wait another day to go after them!

xx, Kim

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