Are you procrastinating on something?

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating something on your to-do list?

Like, to the point that you find yourself writing the same exact item on your list every single day? 

And there it sits...staring back up at you. 

Almost laughing at you...


Now, there could be a variety of reasons for this. It could be that the item is just something that you DON'T want to do. 

So, first - ask yourself - "Is this item aligned with what I really want to be doing?"

If the answer is no - maybe don't do it (if you can get away with that)! 

And if you still have to do it - I suggest doing it first thing in a day. 

This is where tip 1 comes into play: 

--> It's best to do the things that will consume the most energy or feel the heaviest first thing in the day because our motivation is like a glass of water pouring out of a glass - it tends to go down as the day goes on. If you get it out of the way, you'll generally feel lighter and excited having accomplished that.

Now, let's continue on with our questioning - let's say the answer to the question above is "yes, it is aligned" but you're still procrastinating - then maybe it's because the item is just REALLY BIG and you know it'll take hours. 

It's normal for us to put something on our "to do" list that is kind of all encompassing -- create sales funnel, build website, train for a marathon, etc. I don't know if it's how we were taught to do it or what. 

But usually when it's that big, it's our end-goal or result that is what we're writing down rather than all the little components that make it up.

All of those are huge and can consume a lot of time...causing us to get into a bit of paralysis. 

This is where tip 2 comes into play: 

--> Break it down into smaller parts. Chunk it out - make each piece more manageable.

So, let's look at the first example I gave about - "create sales funnel" - let's just say this is on your list - that likely feels overwhelming! 

And that's because, again, it is the result we're looking for - a created sales funnel. 

There are a lot of different things that can go into building a sales funnel. If you've ever built one, you know that there are a lot of moving parts. Here's a potential list:

  • create the freebie
  • create the sales page
  • write email 1
  • write email 2 (and so on)
  • build the emails out
  • write the Facebook ad
  • write the landing page
  • build the landing page-turning the Facebook ad on

That can be several hours of work when it's all said and done, and with how busy we all area - that can feel daunting!

So, instead of just writing "create sales funnel" on your list - say to yourself "okay, that's my END GOAL; now let's talk about what it takes to get to that go. Break it allllll down into the little pieces.

It'll feel way more exciting to dig into ONE of those things rather than feeling like it's a MASSIVE mountain to scale.

This applies to EVERYTHING you do....

Build a website? - create a list of pages to create and break the tasks to create each page down. 

Train for a marathon? - create a daily training program to get you to your goal.

Breaking things up into smaller, more manageable tasks will help you take steps forward every day and get you wayyyy closer to your goal!

So as you have pockets of time, you can focus on one of them and knock the things off your list!

Plus, each time you cross one off - it'll feel pretty satisfying...and you'll be one step closer to your dreams. And remember - life's short; dare to live your dreams!

Have an awesome day!

xx, Kim

PS - A lot of times, procrastination is FEAR showing up. Perhaps it's fear of failing. Or fear of success. Fear of being made fun of. 

Whatever it is - 

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