Are you scared to share your story?

Last week, I had a discovery call with someone that I went to high school with. This was our first real conversation since we graduated (and I'm 36 - so it's been AWHILE!). 

I knew through our email exchanges in setting up the call that she had been following me for awhile but what I didn't know is that she had been following me almost since the very beginning of setting up my business.  

And what's really awesome is that she said that one of the core reasons that she wanted to meet with me was because she felt like she still knew me through everything I've posted online over the years and through my story. 

That I had been a source of inspiration for her. 

Now, you may or may not know this, but I went through a REALLY ROUGH period for several years. Things started to fall apart for me when I got separated from my now ex-husband in 2012. And things started to spiral a bit from there...such as... 

  • hurting my back really bad (to the point I still deal with it)...
  • losing my well-paying corporate job...
  • getting extremely sick to the point doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong...
  • and being in a really toxic relationship that ended abruptly and left me homeless and 12k lighter in the bank


But she's also seen that since then, I've completely transformed my life...most notably, I started my online business and became an elite-level mountain bike racer in the midwest.

And she said that because I've shared that, she feels like she knows the point where she uses me as a source of inspiration. 

She even told me that she's known for months that she wanted to work with me but wasn't quite ready yet. But because she sees my successes through what I share, she knew without a doubt that she wanted to hire me when it was time. 

And she said that I've inspired her to get more fit and push through hard workouts. Every time she's in the gym and feels like she wants to quit early, she said that she asks herself "What would Kim do? Kim wouldn't quit, so I won't either."

No lie, she totally said that to me.

I don't own a fitness business, I own a coaching and tech consulting business...but because I enjoy fitness and share that and because I went through tough times and shared that and show up as a new, transformed version of me, I've inspired her. 

And that's made her want to connect with me. 

Sharing tech and business stuff all day would be boring, not just for me but for everyone. I am a multi-dimensional person so sharing all of my dimensions is important. 

But the thing is, that a lot of the stuff I mentioned above - it was SO SCARY to share it. I mean, here I was...this 30-something year old who felt like she had it all and everything seemed to fall apart. It was embarrassing and seemingly devastating - at least at the time. 

What I've learned is that I actually have so much gratitude that I experienced those things. 

Because they've led me to where I am today. 

And I know that I went through those things to help inspire others to push past their blocks and truly go for the life and business of their dreams. 

I wouldn't have had that conversation the other day, and many others like it over the last couple years, had I not pushed past my fear of the "what ifs" and not shared my story. 

Are you able to relate to this? Are you finding yourself not hitting publish on your story because of some fear?

If you are - then I encourage you to get a piece of paper out and do a journaling activity that I did when I was first scared to share...


1. Ask yourself why. Is there something that is causing you to hold off on pushing "publish" on a certain part of it? 

2. If so, then ask - what the worst thing would happen if you did share?

3. And then -  ask if those fears really are valid? Many times fear is not's just a way for our minds to keep us in our comfort zones. But it's a good thing to do a check on.

4. Finally, ask yourself what amazing things would happen if you did decide to share your story?

Keep in mind that you don't have to share every minute detail of your story - you get decide what parts of it you share. I mean, I was able to summarize 3 years of my life into a paragraph above!

I guarantee that there are people there that need to hear what you have to say. And they can only hear it the way that you express it. 

And the more you share, the more people will feel connected to you. And they will then want to work with you and buy from you. 

Remember - life's short, dare to live your dreams <3 

xx, Kim

PS - Fear or sharing things sucks! Perhaps it's fear of failing. Or fear of success. Fear of being made fun of. 

Whatever it is - 

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