I got locked INSIDE the garden area of my Airbnb!

Hello from 37,000 feet! 

I'm currently flying home from Los Angeles after being here all week for a masterminding event with my business mentor and many of her other private clients. It's been an incredibly transformative week that I am still digesting - I'm sure I'll be sharing more about that experience soon. 

When I travel, I really enjoy staying at Airbnb's because I love to check out unique and fun homes. And sometimes these unique homes come with unique experiences!

The place I stayed at in LA was a guest cottage behind the owner's home and it had this really amazing and cute garden area that I had full access to. And I really enjoyed spending my mornings sitting out at the little bistro table before the event. 

The garden area was really private and quiet as it was quite a ways back from the road and had a tall privacy fence. 

And I enjoyed that immensely until yesterday when I tried to head out for our event and the fence was stuck shut! No lie! 

It was unlocked, but the metal of the door and latch had gotten stuck on each other. I later learned that there had been an unusual amount of rain and humidity lately and the door had expanded…ironically right when I was needing to get out! 

I tried for at least 10 minutes to get out. Shaking the door. Pushing on the frame. I thought about scaling the fence and jumping to the driveway on the other side but being that it was at least 7 feet tall (see photo below!), I really wasn't interested in hurting myself. 

The host of the Airbnb wasn't home. I called her and unfortunately, she was an hour away. She was so worried and jumped in the car to come save me. However, I knew I wanted to get out faster than that. I wanted to be at my mastermind event! 

Because of how far back the garden area was from the road and enclosed it was, I was limited in trying to get someone's attention (see the photo below for how far away I was from the road). 

What to do…what to do. 

Interestingly enough, I have been reading this book called E2 by Pam Grout which is a fascinating book on testing the theory that "thoughts become things." There are 9 energy experiments in the book that each take 48 hours. I had committed to experiment #1 the day before, which was to ask the universe for a blessing. 

A gift…something that couldn't just be a coincidence. 

Being that I was in a panic, I remember thinking "Ha, kind of ironic that I ask for a blessing and this happens!"

Then I stopped myself and took a breath. That was not a helpful thought. 

Everything is figureoutable, right?

As soon as I did that, something inside me told me to get up on a chair and peek over the fence one more time. So I did. And low and behold, there was a guy in a waterworks utility vest standing at the end of the driveway!!!! He wasn't there before and I just happened to see him right at the moment he showed up. 

I started yelling for him to get his attention. "Help! I'm stuck! I'm locked back here in this yard!"

He, of course, was a bit curious as to why a woman's head was sticking up over a privacy fence yelling at him. He cautiously let himself in through the gate to the driveway and slowly walked up to where I was. 

look how far I was from the road!

look how far I was from the road!


I explained my situation to him and expressed so much gratitude for him showing up. 

He couldn't get the door open either. So he left and went back to his truck. He came back with a crowbar and was able to unhook the two metals pieces that had fused together. 


I was FREE!

Expressing gratitude, I quickly hurried off to my event. A little late and frazzled but so grateful. 

And it hit me - the blessing I had asked the universe had shown up. I had manifested this man to show up exactly when I needed him to be there. If I hadn't stood up on the chair and peeked over the fence right when I did, I might have missed him. 

I might have missed the blessing that I was looking for. 

Two things that I walked away from this include:

1) If you want something, you just have to ask for it. You've likely heard the phrase "Be careful what you ask for"…it's true. Whatever you ask the universe for can show up. Don't ask for things that you don't want to manifest or show up in your life. Rather, ask for abundance, money, love, or whatever else you seek.

2) What you ask for might not show up in the exact form that you are expecting it. I wasn't really excited that I was locked into a backyard like that (I mean, who would want that? lol) but it was necessary for me to get the blessing that I had asked for.

If you haven't check out the book I mentioned above, I definitely encourage you to check it out. I'm already really impressed with it. It's already showed me that I can ask for a gift from the universe when I need to. Not bad, eh?!

If you have read that book, I'd love to hear from you about your biggest takeaway from it! 

Remember - life is short; dare to live your dreams

xx, Kim

PS - It was a little scary getting stuck in that patio. I had a bit of fear I was going to miss my event and be stuck there all day. But the cool thing is - I have the tools to overcome fear whenever it pops up. 

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