Realizations from having profanities yelled at me

One of the things that I do in addition to running my business is race mountain bikes. I usually compete in endurance races that are at a minimum 5-6 hours. In order to train for these, I have to put in quite a bit of time training on the bike.

And I really enjoy that - especially because I spend a lot of time at my desk either working on client sites, meeting with my coaching clients, or creating content. 

I live in the midwest about 60 miles form Chicago, which means we don't have a TON of trails to ride. That means I spend a lot of time riding on the road. 

And I love it. I mean, just check out this photos that I took recently on one of my rides!  

ride pics.png

Most of my rides are uneventful...I cruise around, do my thing, and get my workout in. 

However, not all rides are like that. 

Not everyone is a fan of cyclists on the road. And they like to let it be known. 

I get it - sometimes we can slow motorists down if there isn't a shoulder to ride on and if there is oncoming traffic, passing can also be difficult. 

I'm a motorist too!

However, something happened last night as I was riding...

Someone in the oncoming lane pulled up next to me in a truck, almost to a stop, blared his horn, and then screamed a derogatory profanity at me. 

Next thing I knew, he was gone. 

I was so confused for a moment...there I was, literally minding my own business and doing everything "right". 

Following ALL the rules.

Working to improve myself...

...My health... 

...My fitness...

Yet, this person went out of his way to ensure that I knew they weren't happy that I was there.

I had an epiphany right there, Jennifer?

We're taught early in our lives to the "right things"...mind our own business and not make a scnene. 

We can spend so much time just trying to hide and not be visible. Perhaps exist only in our own world. To focus on only our own things. 

Sometimes we can even work hard to ensure we make others happy...whether it's friends, family, a boss, a company, even at the expense of our own happiness. 

We do this as a way to stay "safe" and not get hurt. 

Yet, we still get hurt. 

Because, regardless of these efforts, there are still going to be people out there who either disagree, don't care, or cut us down.

So, if that's the case, why hide?

Why stay small?

Why not live in our purpose? 

Do the things that we want to do? 

Be seen?

Live in true authenticity to ourselves?

Because, I'd much rather get cut down, yelled at, have profanities spewed at me for being myself than by trying to be what other expect of me. 

That means I'm getting their attention. 

So  go dare to be yourself.


And if someone is a jerk to you for being just means you're triggering something in them that they wish they had. 

You're getting their attention. 

And by being you, you'll help change the world. 

Life's short, dare to live your dreams! <3

xx, Kim

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