How to find good help for your biz!

It's no secret that starting up and running a business requires quite a time investment. There are a number of things that go into making all the moving parts in an online business come together as harmoniously as possible. 

At some point, you are likely going to want to outsource some of the things in your business - whether that's for social media management, responding to emails, creating sales funnels, creating client workbooks, and beyond. 


And trust me, I've needed support in my business - that's why I have a team of people helping me out so I can spend more time working ON my business rather IN my business. 

Typically, I recommend outsourcing those mundane tasks that are taking up your time and keeping you from your true zone of genius and the things that light you up.  


I know that sometimes the thought of relinquishing parts of your business to someone else and investing the time to train someone can seem a bit daunting at first. 

However, I promise that it really can take a huge weight off your shoulders, and investing in the right person can truly lead to even more revenue coming in. 

If you're at that point or getting close, you might be asking yourself - How do I find good help?! How do I know they are going to be "the one"?

And that's a valid question. If you're going to trust someone to take over aspects of your business, you want them to produce high-quality work and quickly so that you aren't going back and having to check over everything after they do it. 

Trust me - that gets frustrating. And who really has time for that anyway? 

I spent a number of years working for an HR company and was involved in corporate hiring practices before that, so I have a few suggestions to share with you! 

First, let's talk about where to find good help in the online entrepreneurial space.
  • Ask a biz friend: Referrals are the best because you know that someone is not going to associate their name with someone they have had a poor experience with!! And if your biz friends have someone high-quality that they know has space to take on more clients - why not share the love?
  • Online Entrepreneur Groups: There are TONS of amazing groups out there filled with entrepreneurs who are at all different stages of their business. Go into those, make a simple post, and watch the referrals roll in. 
  • FiverrUpworkTimeEtc, or PeoplePerHour are four different sites that have people posting jobs that you can purchase. They all work a little differently - check them out to see more. Two people that work for me also have accounts there and get additional work that way; I also have hired quality contractors off these sites before. Beware though - many times you do get what you pay for so if a job is only $5, you might get only $5 worth of quality. So be sure to read reviews, check out their work samples, and be willing to pay a little more for someone. 
Now that you have some ideas of where to find people, here are a few suggestions I have for ensuring that the people you find are going to produce the quality and vibe of work you're looking for. Not all of these are possible with the outsourcing sites, but for the first two they are.
  • Journal about finding the perfect fit. This is a bit "woo" but manifestation really works! Write out exactly the type of person you are looking for before you start researching. Watch that perfect fit appear before your very eyes! 
  • Speak to them on the phone. If you're hoping to find someone to use long-term, it's important that you are able to easily communicate with each other and feel like there's a good vibe between you. Plus, you'll be able to ask them to questions to ensure they are going to be available when you need them, how good they are at solving problems, and more. 
  • Ask for some work samples. Samples are always good to review to ensure that the quality is at the level you're looking for. 
  • Ask for testimonials. It's good to read through what other people have said about their experience in working with them. 
  • Start them on a small project. Have them do a short, low-priority project that will showcase their work, quality, and time it takes to complete. It'll also give you an idea of their ability to ask questions (if something isn't clear) and more. That way, if they aren't a good fit for whatever reason, it's doesn't cost you much to learn that. 

Outsourcing can seem a bit scary at first, but I promise that it can go a really long way - especially when you find the right person or people! 

If you're looking to outsource some of the tech in your business from funnels to membership sites to websites, check out the offerings I have on my website. I might be the perfect fit for you. 

Have an awesome day! 

And remember - dare to live your dreams! 

xx, Kim

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