Are you taking care of YOU right now?

It's the final weeks of 2017 and that means that as business owners, we're wrapping up what we can for 2017 and in massive prep mode for 2018 business goals - and not to mention all of the holiday hoopla that happens this time of year! 

With everything going on, it can be a crazy and hectic time of year. And trying to make everything happen and fit everything in can often leave you feeling a little depleted and exhausted. 

That's why I am coming into your inbox today to just remind you to be sure to take care of you during this hectic time. Making time for self care, especially this time of year, is not always an easy thing, but it can help give you more energy, creativity, and ultimately more time. 

So I thought I'd share a few simple and powerful tips to apply to ensure you're taking care of you this holiday season to ensure you start 2018 with a bang!

1. Get some exercise in
Exercise can be a tough thing to fit in when it's cold outside and a million other things are going on. However, it can actually give you MORE energy, MORE confidence, and help you create MORE time in your day. 

--> Tips for success: 

  • Try to workout first thing so it doesn't get left out of your day. Not only will it get done but it will also give you endorphins to take on the day! 
  • Aim for just 30 minutes of something you enjoy. And you can get other things done during this time like listening to or reading your personal development book of choice right now!

2. Get quiet & take breaks
If you're running from event to event and task to task, you can end the day feeling just completely exhausted. And it can seem counter productive to slow down in the middle of everything for a break, but studies show that more you force things and avoid breaks, the lower your productivity becomes. 

High Performance guru Brendon Burchard recommends setting up blocks of time to work for 50 minutes and then taking 10 minutes to do something other than work. It'll make you way more produti

--> Tip for success: Set a timer for 50 minutes, turn off all distractions during this time, and get your priorities done. Then celebrate your hard work with a 10 minute break: go for a walk, lay on the floor with your eyes closed, do a YouTube yoga video, or stretch. Do ANYTHING other than work for this 10 minutes. 

You'll start the next 50 with a TON of energy. Which will enable you to get more done!

3. Take an epsom salt bath
This time of year can be really stressful, and with increased stress we tend to struggle getting to sleep at night. Many times this is due to not being able to shut our minds off and decreased magnesium stores in our bodies. Our bodies get rid of magnesium during high stress times and and epsom salt bath is a great way to get that back into our systems. 

Plus, epsom salt is a great calming agent and can help ease muscle tension, calm us down, and help us sleep. More sleep = more energy the next day!

--> Tip for success: You can pick up epsom salt in the pharmacy area of any grocery store or at any pharmacy. Dr. Teal's is a popular brand here in the US. Be sure to put 2 cups of epsom salt in the bath - and for increasedabsorption, you can add in 1 cup of baking soda. Aim for 20-40 minutes. 

And, bonus - you can read or listen to your favorite personal development book while relaxing :)

4. Say no to things that you don't want to do
I know this can be a tough one when there are holiday parties with friends and family - and we want to not only make our loved ones happy but also socialize with them. However, we can't do everything and be everywhere - especially this time of year! 

Sometimes when we're saying yes to others, we end up saying no to ourselves. And this can deplete us of energy and time to get things done that we really want to be doing. 

--> Tip for success: If you get asked to do something or go somewhere, don't say yes right away. Tell the person you have to check your schedule and you'll get back to them in a bit. Then sit with it for a bit to see how you feel about it. 

If it doesn't excite you or makes you feel depleted, then that's a good sign that it's not aligned right now. Politely tell them that you have a conflict and you'll catch up with them another time.

They may be disappointed but you have to worry about - focus on your personal and business needs and say yes to yourself. You'll have more time and energy for those things that you really want to be doing :)

So those are just a few tips to take care of yourself as we head into the final weeks of 2017. The more you focus on you and your desires, the more energy and time you will have and the easier it'll be to start 2018 with a bang!

xx, Kim

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