Is the Facebook newsfeed stealing your time?

There's a good chance you've heard the quote about Beyoncé having the same number of hours in a day as you. It's often used to encourage you to take more action and get more done so you can move closer to your version of success and the life of your dreams. 

Well, that's all fine and dandy but the reality is that we live in a world of distractions. Pretty much no matter where you look, you've got some sort of shiny object that can pull you away from whatever you're really wanting to work on. 

Facebook is one of those things. 

I use Facebook for business to connect with my clients and in the groups that I run, so it's something that I am on quite a bit. 

And while I absolutely love Facebook for connecting, I realized recently that even if I went on for a specific reason that I often got distracted by whatever was appearing on my newsfeed. 

Whether it was a cute cat video, interesting discussion on a topic of interest, or something else...I found I was going down a long rabbit hole....

...and next thing I knew, 20 minutes later I was still on an endless scroll to see what else was going on. 


I've found that even if I didn't mean to do this, Facebook just has that special gift of giving a bit of FOMO and sucking me in.

I don't know if you can relate, but in doing a bit of research, turns out, the average person spends between 35 and 50 minutes on JUST Facebook every day. 

And while some of that time IS productive, I know, at least for me, quite a bit of it isn't. 

Well, with a lot of things going on (a business to run, teaching graduate classes part time, training for endurance mountain bike races, plus having a social life), I need to ensure I minimize these distractions so I can crush my goals just like Beyoncé. 

Enter the Newsfeed Eradicator!

This incredible Chrome extension is FREE and it replaces your newsfeed on your computer with an inspirational quote. That means, that there's absolutely NO chance of getting sucked into cute photos of your friend's kids or an inspirational video.

You can simply go on Facebook to accomplish what you meant to do and move on to the next task of your day. 

--> Click here to add this to your Chrome browser and check out the screenshot below <--

newsfeed eradicator.jpg

Give it a try and see how it impacts your productivity for it a bit!

Life's short so why not ensure we're using all of our time in the best way possible so that we can dare to live our dreams!? 

Have a great day! :)

xx, Kim

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