Want to stop yourself from getting on social media?

A couple months ago, I wrote a post about some powerful realizations from deleting social media off my phone

As you'll see there, I definitely has some shifts in productivity! 

But what about if you need Facebook to stream content?

Or post images?

It's sometimes necessary to have it on your phone for your business. That's what I ended up figuring out - it was actually difficult because of my business to delete Facebook on my phone. I found myself re-installing it so I could go live or respond to client messages. 

However, beyond those needs, it really can be distracting!

I swear, every time I pick up my phone for one thing, I navigate over to Facebook.

Just to see what's going on?

Or maybe it's just habit. 

And, I do the same thing when I'm on my computer...click over to Facebook every few minutes to see if anything new is going on. 

I was getting annoyed with myself because of how much time I felt I was wasting on social media. I knew I needed something to remind me to not go on there so much. 

Enter one of the MOST AMAZING productivity tools I've found to date!!!


This tool blocks you from going on social channels for an amount of time you set. 

10 minutes?

20 minutes?

60 minutes?

Whatever amount of time you need. 

And whatever websites you want. 

They have a list of common sites listed already such as what you see in the image above, but you can add anything that you're finding you're spending WAY too much time on. 

And it's super easy to get going with it too. 

Set your time, pick your sites, select the devices you want to have the block happen on (oh yeah, this works on both computers and phones) and hit go!

Anytime you navigate to the site, you get the following message:

you are free.png

Access denied! 

And you're free to actually get stuff done so you can continue to take steps to the life of your dreams.

There is a small cost associated with this tool - but they have a promotion going on that ends soon. If you enter FOCUS at checkout, you'll save 40%...which is only just over $17 for a full year of Freedom. 

Not a huge investment to set yourself up for huge blocks of productivity, right!?

Click here to give Freedom a try!

It's time to be productive!

xx, Kim

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