What's in a brand?

You're an entrepreneur ready to take the world by storm. 

You have a kickass business idea, you've researched the best ways to get up and running and reach your client base, and you're fired up and ready to go! 

But you keep hearing about having a consistent brand look, using your logo in smart ways to reach your dream clients, and creating a cohesive experience through branding for those ideal clients that will soon be pounding on your door. 

You feel that balloon of excitement deflate a little bit – 

brand look?


What's in a brand??

The short answer is that your brand is you. 

Your brand is your voice, your vision, the unique message that you're bringing to the world. 

But you need the visuals to bring that message to life and that's where brand pieces like logos, consistent colors, textures, patterns, and fonts come into play.


There are all kinds of websites out there offering design services on the cheap. 

As a startup, cheap sounds amazing, right? 

Unfortunately, these "value" websites epitomize the saying"you get what you pay for." 

Many of the designs offered are recycled and by "one of a kind" they really mean that they'll pop your business name into a design they've used for hundreds of other clients. 

There's almost no personalization and contact with the designer is extremely limited. 

Often, the price is misleading in that you don't receive any of the design files unless you pay extra. 

The chances that you'll walk away with a design that you love and that represents your brand message are slim. You will likely feel that you've wasted money and time on this process and have a sense that working with a designer is frustrating. 

Maybe you'll use the logo or other brand pieces from this experience just so that you don't have to start all over, but they won't really feel like you. 

They won't really fit your message and your brand. Or maybe you'll turn to a free design program and try to create your own brand pieces, resulting in more frustration and time spent. 

I ran across an amazing quote the other day that literally made me yell YES!!!!! out loud: 

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, 
wait until you hire an amateur." 

High five, Red Adair, you read my mind. 

You need a designer that dives deep into who you are and what you want your business to represent. Your designer should be fully invested in your message and have the desire to visually represent that message in a truly unique way – a way that screams YOU to your dream clients. 

She should desire an open line of communication with you and be able to really listen to what you want and need from her. 


Your brand design is part of your strategy and a designer who is fully invested in you understands that (more than understands, they are excited by it, so excited that they might occasionally illicit strange looks by squealing with delight while designing for you…not that I've ever done that…)  

Take the time to find a designer that feels right to you. Invest in them and they'll invest in you. 

The end result will be brand visuals that stand the test of time and help you attract all those dream clients that are out there waiting for you.  

It's no secret to clients who have worked with us here at Kim Heintz, Inc. that WE LOVE the design process. 

From the very beginning stages when we chat about hopes and dreams you have for your business, to creating a mood board that let's us both "feel" the brand look and vibe. 

To handing over those initial logo design concepts to see which one speaks to you to blowing that out into a detailed brand guide giving you all the pieces you need to move forward feeling confident using your brand visuals to help you speak to your dream clients. 

We love it all! 

Want to know more about how we work and what we do? Take a look at our portfolio and services here or email kim@kimheintz.com here to get the conversation started!

xx, Kim

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