Ready to really go after that business of your dreams? Build a website QUICKLY and EASILY all on your own without breaking the bank.

It's time to slay those techie dragons and build your own website!

I'm all about YOU stepping into that role of CEO of your company and learning the necessary skills to get yourself SEEN - which will let you land you more clients and make you more money - all while saving you more time. 

This is about:

  • PUSHING you past the WANTING stage into the DOING stage. 
  • Getting OVER the anxiety and fear around technology and SLAY THOSE TECHIE DRAGONS!
  • Giving you the exact steps to build your website for scratch without having to spend thousands of dollars on a web designer. 
  • EMPOWERING you to be able to make changes and add more content after your website is live quickly!! (I totally built this entire page in 1 hour - you can do that too).
  • Giving you a place to STAND OUT among the other Beachbody coaches around you!
  • SAVING you TIME, landing you MORE CLIENTS, and bringing in MORE MONEY.
  • Creating another place for you to SHARE YOUR MESSAGE. 
  • Giving you an avenue to RETARGET people who visit your site later on (WARM LEADS = better chance they will BUY!)
  • Providing a place for you to post ALL YOUR CONTENT so you don't have to upload it over and over and over again. 
  • Having access to a high-end tech expert (me) for questions anytime you run into tech road blocks. 
  • Creating a place for you to PASSWORD PROTECT materials so that only the people who should have access can have it. 
  • Giving you a community to lean on during this process so that you can share WINS, AH-HA moments, frustrations, and GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED.

This is for you if:

  • You're SICK AND TIRED of doing all of your business through your Facebook profile. 
  • Messaging people the same content over and over again is really starting to wear you out. 
  • You're questioning how you can stand out among the other Beachbody coaches out there. 
  • You have SO MUCH MORE TO SHARE beyond your products. 
  • You really want to START A BLOG but you don't really know how or where to do that. 
  • Uploading the same content over and over again to Facebook groups is becoming tedious. 
  • You really WANT A WEBSTE but aren't sure HOW TO GET STARTED.
  • You want more TIME, more CLIENTS, and more MONEY!
  • You want to expand your current business. 

I've created this online program because I'm so tired of coaches just like you being HELD BACK from being sharing their message with the world because of the technology. Hiring a web designer is EXPENSIVE up front and costs you even more every time you want to make changes or add a new page

I know that technology and building a website can be overwhelming but honestly IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE. I've had clients who are super intimidated by technology build a website get past their tech blocks and build a BEAUTIFUL SITE THAT THEY LOVE quickly and without it breaking the bank. 

Check Out Two Former Students' Work!

What I loved about this course,was that it was clear and was filled with easy and digestible tutorials. When I signed up for the course, I was intimidated and scared of not being able to finish something that seemed daunting. But with Kim's video tutorials, private Facebook group and live calls, I actually found it really doable and I got it done. And as a Beachbody coach, I loved that this was made just for us in mind.

~ Amber Fox, Beachbody Coach

Check out the site she built herself!

Kim has a gift for breaking down systems, tools, and technology into simple language. Thanks to Kim's tutorials, I was able to build a beautiful website so I could get my business off the ground. Kim's training saved my sanity and hours of heartache. If you want to make a splash in the online space, Kim Heintz is your secret weapon! 

~ Melissa Mather, Success Coach

Check out the site she built herself!


The Build Your Own Squarespace Website program is going to kick your butt into gear and get you building a site rather than just thinking about it. 

You're going to stop holding yourself (and your dreams) back. 

You're going to feel so empowered because every time you need to make a change to your website, you'll be able to have it done just MINUTES after you think of the idea. 

I'll be sharing with you the EXACT steps to take to build your website so that you can GET MORE TIME, CLIENTS, AND MONEY!

You're going to be SO FREAKING PROUD to show it off to your friends, family, existing clients, and potential clients. 

What you can expect to HAPPEN from this program is that you will:

  • Build a beautiful-looking site without having to invest thousands of dollars. 
  • Stop feeling frustrated over the technology that is currently holding you back. 
  • Develop a brand new skillset that will be able to be replicated over and over and over again. 
  • Get more clients, time and MONEY! 
  • STREAMLINE everything that you are currently doing. 

You can do all this for just $67 a month*

What's Included?

Immediate Access to Over 2 Hours of Simple, Step-By-Step Tutorials 

In the Squarespace 101 tutorials vault, you'll find everything you need to build your first website, including:

  • Password protecting pages
  • Creating a blog
  • Adding a tracking pixel to your site so you can retarget later
  • Creating a contact form
  • Adding a newsletter block to capture email addresses
  • And so much more!
  • Picking your first template & navigating the platform
  • Setting your styles and applying your branding
  • Building your pages
  • Formatting text
  • Adding images
  • Adding videos
  • Adding documents
  • Adding buttons

Collaboration with Other Beachbody Coaches

As soon as you register, you'll be able to request access to a private Facebook group where you can collaborate with other Beachbody coaches who are building their website too. 

Facebook Group Access to Your Own Tech Expert

Have questions? Post in the group and we'll get you through it! 

Bi-Weekly Live Tech Q&A and Troubleshooting Calls 

Every other week, I'll pop on and do a live Q&A tech call to help you past any barriers you're having. 

Get Featured!

Once you finish your site, you can submit it to me and I'll gladly featured it to my community AND on my website! It's important to me to showcase my students' work! 

Cancel Any Time

Once you feel like you've learned the right skills and best practices, simply cancel your membership fee.



What People are Saying

As a Health Coach, I'm a huge believer in investing in yourself and working on your own self development.  I was in need of a website for my coaching business but didn't have a huge budget allocated for development. Technology has been a challenge for me in the past so I decided to take my own coaching advice and step out boldly to face my fear and create my own website. When a peer introduced me to Kim it was a no-brainer!  Kim has been awesome!  Motivating, encouraging, patient and most importantly....she knows how to help and coach folks like me!!

I'm super excited about my site!  I'm now empowered to make changes to it when I feel the need. Not only did I push through my technology fear,  but I have a sporty new website and a great new friend in Kim.  Thanks a gazillion Kim!!

~ Debra Hamilton, Beachbody Coach



I know that it's not always possible to invest thousands in having a website custom-built for you.

However, with the invention of tools like Squarespace, you no longer have to!

As you saw above, clients who have worked with me have been able to build their own websites - and FAST. And this is totally something you can do too! 

All the guesswork has been eliminated from setting up your first website - these over-the-shoulder tutorials tell you exactly what you need to know and how you need to do it

Access to your very own tech expert (me) to answer all your questions and help you feel supported on those days that you feel like throwing your computer out the window

Save time. These tutorials are broken into bite-sized videos so that you can find the right information without spending time searching

Watch the tutorials at your own pace and as many times as you need 

Access for at least a year so that you watch them over and over again as your business (and website) grows!

Access to any updates to the content (you'll get an email when anything is updated)

Save a TON of mone y and be empowered in building your own, beautiful website

Ready to do this!?

Your Investment

This is a monthly community - stay as short or as long as you need! 

Only $67 per month

*Price does not include cost of the Squarespace tool. 

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds. But you can cancel anytime you'd like!


Kim! You are an absolute Godsend! My tech ANGEL on earth! Thank you for saving me from pulling my hair out with your INCREDIBLE tech tutorials. You have a gift for making things so much easier to understand (and do!), and have saved me from so much wasted time, energy, and frustration. You've also shown me how to implement the most powerful tools to grow my business exponentially. For that (and for so much more!) I will be forever grateful! You are a gift to the world, and your videos have been invaluable for me and my business. 
~ Jennifer Jayde, Success Coach + Mentor for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
When I search for tutorials online, I feel apprehensive just before I click it wondering if it's going to drain the mental energy I need to finish my project. Once I experienced Kim Heintz's simple tutorials, they were my go-to! The simple, down-to-earth, bite-sized videos were just what I needed to make sense of creating my website! 
~ Emily Grabatin, Life & Leadership Coach
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