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Kim helped me, a novice when it came to technology, become confident and skilled in using it. She guided me through the process of learning new technologies by patiently answering a multitude of questions and responding to my concerns in a constructive manner. I valued her ability to effectively and in simple terms explain new principles and complexities of the new software. It has been a great experience learning together with Kim.

-Olimpia, Chicago


Four years ago I decided to change professions. Kim helped talk me through that decision and continued to provide support and guidance in the following years. She is a knowledgeable, relatable, friendly, and above all a great listener. I can not recommend Kim enough - she is a truly inspiring person.

-Jessi, Chicago


Kim was recommended to me by another coach who raved about her services, and I’m so glad I found her!

I was tearing my hair out over my conversion rate which was hovering around the 3% mark, but Kim worked her magic on my Facebook ad and landing page, and in just a couple of weeks it has leaped up to 15% and climbing!

Kim is so helpful and efficient, and will definitely be my go-to ‘tech guru’ as my business grows.



The knowledge I gained from Kim has been invaluable to me! When I use her suggestions and tools, the results are amazing! She lives what she teaches and is very inspiring! Her support is constant and very encouraging. I highly recommend working with Kim - she gets results!

-Cindy, Chicago

Kim came to my rescue when I needed to update my Squarespace website. Her professionalism and technical skills are second to none. She had me up and running quickly and painlessly.

-Lynne, Business Success Coach, My Sweet Success


Every once in awhile someone comes into your life that truly matters and makes you realize that you matter too. After a long and insightful conversation with Kim the other night, a conversation I didn’t even realize I needed, I hung up feeling like a load had been lifted from my shoulders. I found my light again and a glimmer of hope and motivation. She knew I needed some guidance in a world I was beginning to feel lost in. I had some huge life changes and kind of felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. She taught me how to visualize what I want, and need, in my life and what to do to get it. I couldn’t be more grateful for Kim and all she’s done for me.

-Candie, Daytona


Kim insinuates the power of optimism which creates a healthy environment for the mind, body and spirit to grow. She will get you on track to do what’s right for YOU, ensuring an effective way of self-productivity!

-Namon, Owner of NJ Performance Elite


Kim does more things in a year than most people do in a lifetime! She is an example of a person who lives life in the present. So like the quote in the movie Shawshank Redemption, “get busy living, or get busy dying” ...the time to live is now, not in the future!

-Rudy, Chicago

I often find myself referring back to the relationships I’ve built, the tangible resources provided by Kim and most importantly I continually had the ability to pose and share questions, concerns and comments in an open judge-free forum. This experience has certainly been invaluable! Thank you, Kim.

-Justine, Chicago


Kim took my simple website and made it Beautiful! She regularly keeps in contact with me guiding me through the next steps for my business technology that I would not have considered otherwise. Kim goes above and beyond for her clients and I love working with her!

-Kaycee, Lifestyle, Fashion, & Wellness Coach


If anyone is in need of any type of business tech support for websites and back end entrepreneurial systems, Kim is your girl. She is professional, efficient, discreet and trustworthy with your back end website and all related passwords. I trust her wholeheartedly and have recommended her to family, friends as well as my high-end clients. Kim is now on a retainer basis with my business which means I can sleep easy knowing my business has the most up-to-date support it needs to keep it running efficiently, making me money in my sleep, and reducing the stress in my life so I can focus on my clients. Thanks again, Kim. You are incredible.

-Janelle, Success Coach


Kim Heinz has been absolutely INCREDIBLE to work with. She designed my membership site, and exceeded my (really high) expectations. I usually have a hard time delegating, but Kim went above and beyond, making it easy to rely on her. I was truly able to relax, and know that my site was in good hands. She did a great job communicating with me throughout the creation process, and my site ended up looking SO good, that I was actually able to increase the price of my program! Kim saved me a TON of time, and really felt like a partner in my success. She is dependable, honest, hard working, supportive and trustworthy. She has been my behind-the-scenes MIRACLE, and I'm so grateful to have found her.

-Sarah, Business Coach at simplysarahking.com


Kim is a very creative, talented and driven individual. What I appreciated most about working with Kim was her ability to adapt content/training based on her target audience. 

Kim’s innovative touch was key in developing a professional development program at our company. Kim designed the program and its content to train virtual teams. Kim managed to work the interactiveness of on-site training into a virtual classroom by combining webinars, chat sessions, group work and a message board. There were several courses in the program with each course spanning multiple weeks. This afforded participants the ability to complete assignments (e.g., a use case study) without impacting daily work schedules. 

Kim’s contagious enthusiasm is best exemplified when she conducted training for a skeptical group of engineers. At first, Kim was greeted with icy skeptics attending “because their manager (me) signed me up”. By the end of the first hour, the skeptic crew was actually participating in the session, volunteering and sharing their ideas. By the end of the 6-hour session, the group realized the benefit of understanding different communication styles and actually asked for follow-up training or content. This 6-hour session helped our team realize the benefit of communicating and interacting effectively.

-Lois, North Carolina


In a word, Kim is AMAZING!  Her level of professionalism, commitment for success, and ability to quickly simplify learning a new system structure was very refreshing.  I was not the most technologically savvy person, so I quickly became overwhelmed with the project.  Not only did Kim show great patience, but she was also emotionally supportive during the process.  Needless to say I was very impressed with her.  And I look forward to working with her again.

-Felicia, Chicago


Kim is truly an asset you want on your side. After my Success Coach told me about Kim, I knew I HAD to talk with her. She could be the answer to many of the problems I had been facing with the technical and implementation side of my business. Wow! Was I correct. In just the first 5 minutes of our strategy call she saved me hundreds of dollars a month by helping me implement a free solution on my website that had been costing me a fortune. I can’t wait to work with her more in the upcoming months.



I could not be more serious when I say Kim has been a GODSEND to my business, and to my LIFE! My time, my happiness, and my sanity are more valuable to me than money, and Kim has gifted me with all 3 because of what she does and does so well. She is prompt, attentive to detail, intuitive to what's best for you, as well as your clients' needs, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is the best kept secret of the coaching industry, but something tells me she won't be a secret for long. KIM - please save me a lifelong space as a client of yours before you become unattainable!!! I mean it :) " 

-Jennifer, Dream Life + Business Mentor, San Diego


I am a single mom and owner of 2 small business'. One is a brick and mortar salon and the other is a new Healthy Hair product line I launched online this year. Kim helped me to organize my online advertising world so I could spend time in all the other areas in my life that needed attention. She helped me go through the transition of being a newbie to understanding how to look at analytics and use my software we selected to benefit my needs. I think Kim is a great team member to have on board to help make your online advertising world run smoother and more effectively than if you were flying solo. She is worth every penny!

-Sarah Kate, Proprietress of Hébé Healthy Hair


Kim is amazing. She's my ultimate tech go-to guru and has relieved me of so many headaches. For months, I had been trying to build a website that is both functional and beautiful. I partnered with her so that she could create a website that I LOVE, and to save me so much time and frustration. Plus, working with Kim is fun. She's smart, fast, generous, and really takes the time to understand what you want. Kim gave me tons of resources and really helped me craft my message in a way that truly made it mine. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants a tech genius they can trust.

-Jewell, Empowerment Coach


Kim has a natural talent for organizing technology that can make the back end of your business run smoothly & efficiently so you can focus your valuable time earning an income from doing what you love.  Not only is she a tech genius, but she is also a heart-centered entrepreneur, which is a crucial trait for anyone you want to trust with your business.

-Beth, Life & Energy Coach


Kim has helped me a great deal in regards to understanding my sales funnel and the process to setting up my online business.

I am now so much more understanding of how to build my list and how I can convert leads. Her attention to detail is incredible. Nothing has been too much much trouble and she explains everything in simple and clear steps so I always understand the process.

I would highly recommend using Kim if you are new to the tech world, she has helped me so much and made the whole tech world seem so much more friendly.

Thank you, Kim, for all you have done for me.

-Alexandra, Traveling Success, Mindset and Holistic Empowerment Coach

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