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The timeline is mapped out on your wall on multicolor post-it notes. Your trusty to-do list is by your side, along with a fresh cup of coffee. All your workbooks are outlined and ready. You get chills picturing your future clients breaking through to their greatness as you lead on a powerful 90 day coaching journey.

All systems are go.

It’s time to LAUNCH this program out into the world. You start cracking away at your list by Googling “how to make a membership site.”

Fast forward 8 hours and you are no closer to having said membership site. In fact, it feels like you moved backwards because your fruitless searching and DIY efforts have dredged up more questions than answers.... 

Should I use Wordpress, Squarespace, or a "plug-n-play" platform?

What membership plugin should I use for password management and taking payments?

What the HECK is “drip feed” content?!

You’re no cavewoman when it comes technology. In fact, you’re quite savvy with it and you’ve done all the heavy technological lifting since you started your business, but this whole process has you in a tailspin. What gives?

Newsflash: Just because you can DIY your membership site, doesn’t mean you should.

It’s time to hand over the technology reigns so you can spend your time connecting with your ideal clients, running webinars, sending out mailers, answering questions, and ultimately filling the group program you poured your heart and soul into to create. 

Let me focus on my zone of genius while you focus on yours.

Hi! I’m Kim! 

I have a decade of experience in the learning and training industry, along with a Masters degree in Training & Development. I’ve worked on countless high-level membership sites, developed powerful content, and delivered high-impact learning programs serving thousands of students.

In fact, you can also call me Professor Kim because I still teach graduate-level courses on building and running effective online programs. Saying I’m passionate about designing and delivering learning programs is an understatement.

I know from experience that group programs and self-study courses are extremely effective and powerful when delivered strategically. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in online content delivery to have an amazing course. That’s what I’m here for.

I want you to have an impact on the world by sharing your gifts with as many clients as possible, hassle-free.

Technology should be an asset and not a liability to achieving your vision. This is why I offer full-service membership site builds in Squarespace or WordPress. All you need to bring to the table is your vision for the course, and I’ll bring the strategy, project management, and technical skills.

When we work together you don’t just get a membership site, we co-create an immersive, high-end course experience that leaves your clients feeling supported and positions you as the professional you are.

Untitled design (12).png

Kim Heintz is a rare gem.

She operates with the highest integrity, is a fantastic communicator and goes above and beyond to deliver professional results. Kim has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

The online world can be overwhelming, and finding someone amazing, that isn’t going to take your money and run, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I am SO glad the stars aligned and I found Kim. In a very short time she took me from overwhelmed to over the moon and set me up for online success. I just launched my first program with 38 participants and the online client experience has been flawless thanks to Kim and her team.

-Katie Brauer, Personal Transformation Expert


There are no words for the amount of love and absolute gratitude I have for Kim.

She has the uncanny ability to take my blurry ideas and turn them into a magnificent reality. She knows even better than me what I want, how best to create my membership sites, and ensures I am thrilled with everything before her job completes.

She not only meets my expectations, she exceeds them - every single time. If you have a chance to work with Kim - I say take it while you still can!!"

- Jennifer Jayde - Soul Power Coach, International Best-Selling Author and Speaker for Spiritual Entrepreneurs - San Diego US/Victoria CA

When your program content is delivered on a stunning, strategic membership site, you add value and can charge more.

Not only do I build your membership site for you, but I also teach you everything you need to know when it comes to running your snazzy new member site including how to add site-protected content throughout your program (and for future programs), manage users, and more! I also stay on for support during your first launch and run of the program. If something doesn’t work as planned, I’ll swoop in to troubleshoot in a flash. Once the initial run of the program is over, you and your VA will be fully prepared to take back the reigns of the membership site.

What your membership site package includes:

  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Configuration of customized signup and welcome emails 
  • Creation of custom signup fields
  • Creation and configuration of up to 5 discount codes
  • Customized launch training videos to show you exactly how to add content, make changes, manage members, and manage the overall site going forward
  • Project wrap-up call
  • Email support for 30 days - starting with your launch and through the initial weeks of your program being live so you can ask questions as you manage the site
  • 60 minute strategy call with Kim
  • Comprehensive, customized questionnaire to get to the heart of your needs and desires
  • Customized template design to match your branding and design desires
  • Testing and optimization for all devices (computer + mobile)
  • Build out of up to 10 supplementary member-facing program pages (e.g., Welcome, Resources, etc.)
  • Template shell build of up to 12 module pages 
  • Integration with CRM so your contacts automatically go into your email account

Is this investment outside your budget but you still need a site?

Check out Rock Your Membership Site

my DIY-ers self-study course to building your own membership site fast and without breaking the bank.

Allie_Circle_White (1).png

Kim delivered above and beyond for me.

I had planned on setting up my membership site myself, but when the time came, I was overwhelmed with all the little tasks that had stacked up and didn't want to ruin a project I'd been dreaming up for a year. I contacted Kim and she responded within 24 hours, assuring me that it would be totally off my plate, giving me huge relief.

She totally removed the stress I hadn't realized was weighing me down. I was able to focus on the creative parts of my project and deliver my best self to my audience for the launch. I credit a very large part of the success of this project to Kim. I can't recommend her enough!

- Allie Casazza, founder of

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What can I use my membership site for?
Membership sites are perfect for group programs, self-study courses, and subscription content services.

Do I need to be good at technology to manage a membership site?
No! With the 45 day technical support and custom video tutorials I provide, you and your VA will have everything needed to run your site like a pro going forward.

What if I want to use my existing site? Can you set up a membership area as a component of my site for me?
You bet! If you want to use your existing site - that's no problem! We can support you with that.

Can membership sites be built in Squarespace?
Yes, absolutely! This is a great option if you’re already using Squarespace because you can use the URL you already have and you stay within a platform you’re already familiar with.

What is the difference between building a membership site in Squarespace versus WordPress?
The benefit to Wordpress can be summed up in one word: automation. Wordpress supports complete automation of the membership site experience which means less stress and time invested by you and your members. Other than that, both platforms are extremely effective.

How will I know which plug-in is best for me?
I have a few go-to plug-ins for both Wordpress and Squarespace websites. Prices and features vary. We will determine which is best based on your individual needs during our strategy call.

Do you also support out-of-the-box systems like Zippy Courses, Kajabi, and Rainmaker?
Yes, absolutely. The price varies. Book a clarity call so I can discuss your needs and draft a price quote.

What is drip feed content?
“Drip-feeding” is just a fancy way of saying, “scheduled lesson delivery”. You determine when you want certain content in your course or program to become available after someone signs-up, and it will deliver the same way for every user no matter when they sign-up. We can discuss if this makes sense for your offering during your strategy call.

Can I automate the sign-up process for new members?
This can be done regardless of the platform you choose to use.

Do I have to have all my content ready before we begin working together?
You can come as you are! In fact, many of my clients build and/or tweak their content up until a week or two before go live. As entrepreneurs, I know that we don’t always have time to sit down and create a dozen multi-page workbooks in one sitting. Sometimes we just have to be a few steps ahead of the curve. And that’s okay! All you need come with is a vision for your program or course. From there, we’ll partner together to make your membership site and overall course content freaking incredible!

What if I have a technical issue while my program is live?
During the first 45 days, starting with your launch, I will be available via email for technical support. Sleep like a baby knowing you have me on your team to lean on if you have any questions. And if you want more support, I have add-on packages for this.

Once you build the membership site, how will I know what to do after your work is done?
You will receive a custom training video that shows you everything you need to know about how your membership site is set up on the back-end so you and your VA will be able to confidently take charge managing the membership site going forward.

How it works:

  1. You click a Clarity Call button on this page, fill out a questionnaire, and schedule a time for us to chat.

  2. We meet to discuss your needs and determine whether we’re a good match to work together. I'll be happy to show you samples before, during, or after our call. 

  3. If we’re a match, you purchase your membership site services. 

  4. I'll send you a questionnaire to complete along with a checklist of things I need from you to get started. We'll also meet for a kickoff strategy session.

  5. I'll get to work on a membership site that will WOW your future clients.

  6. Once the work is finished, you'll receive launch training videos covering how to manage everything so that you (or your VA) know what to do.
  7. Once your site and program or course is launched, I provide email support during your first 45 days to handle any technical issues related to the membership site

Is this investment outside your budget but you still need a site?

Check out Rock Your Membership Site

my DIY-ers self-study course to building your own membership site fast and without breaking the bank.


Kim has been instrumental in helping me take my business to the next 10 levels.

I was referred to Kim from a trusted colleague and after working together, am overjoyed to learn that I not only have a professional site that has helped me further my online business needs, but I've also gained yet another trusted colleague in the process!

Kim is patient, clear and expedites projects with more communication and timeliness than anyone I've ever worked with. Thanks to Kim's network, I have been able to expand my professional support system to include top level professionals who are all speaking my language.

~ Jenna Zaffino, Pilates Expert and host of the Pilates Unfiltered podcast

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