Membership Site Builds

The timeline is mapped out on your wall on multicolor post-it notes. Your trusty to-do list is by your side, along with a fresh cup of coffee. All your workbooks are outlined and ready. You get chills picturing your future clients breaking through to their greatness as you lead on a powerful 90 day coaching journey.

All systems are go.

It’s time to LAUNCH this program out into the world. You start cracking away at your list by Googling “how to make a membership site.”

Fast forward 8 hours and you are no closer to having said membership site. In fact, it feels like you moved backwards because your fruitless searching and DIY efforts have dredged up more questions than answers.... 

Should I use Wordpress, Squarespace, or a "plug-n-play" platform?

What membership plugin should I use for password management and taking payments?

What the HECK is “drip feed” content?!

You’re no cavewoman when it comes technology. In fact, you’re quite savvy with it and you’ve done all the heavy technological lifting since you started your business, but this whole process has you in a tailspin. What gives?

Newsflash: Just because you can DIY your membership site, doesn’t mean you should.

It’s time to hand over the technology reigns so you can spend your time connecting with your ideal clients, running webinars, sending out mailers, answering questions, and ultimately filling the group program you poured your heart and soul into to create. 

Let me focus on my zone of genius while you focus on yours.

Hi! I’m Kim! 

I have a decade of experience in the learning and training industry, along with a Masters degree in Training & Development. I’ve worked on countless high-level membership sites, developed powerful content, and delivered high-impact learning programs serving thousands of students.

In fact, you can also call me Professor Kim because I still teach graduate-level courses on building and running effective online programs. Saying I’m passionate about designing and delivering learning programs is an understatement.

I know from experience that group programs and self-study courses are extremely effective and powerful when delivered strategically. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in online content delivery to have an amazing course. That’s what I’m here for.

I want you to have an impact on the world by sharing your gifts with as many clients as possible, hassle-free.

Technology should be an asset and not a liability to achieving your vision. This is why I offer full-service membership site builds in Squarespace or WordPress. All you need to bring to the table is your vision for the course, and I’ll bring the strategy, project management, and technical skills.

When we work together you don’t just get a membership site, we co-create an immersive, high-end course experience that leaves your clients feeling supported and positions you as the professional you are.

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